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Mechanic needed for barter of Spa sesssions for the Ladies in your life - All natural and organic . in Boulder, Colorado For Sale

Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale - Private.

The truck is making a terrible clunking sound , getting worse and worse , sounds now like a freaking gun going off , almost every time upon acceleration, and then other times as well . A few weeks ago it was just here and there , now it is all the time .
I was told it needs to be put on a lift to really have a good look and confirm for sure what it is , & a mate looked under it and said that there is a lot of goop and leakage that it could be the rack and pinion steering or the front axle maybe the ball bearings ? Not sure , its a knocking clunking sound .
I am happy to pay for the parts , once I know for sure whats wrong , however if the shops are going to charge an arm n leg , it just isnt affordable . Gonna try to sort it by jacking up morrow and following some advice on a you tube video .
I am happy to trade my services if you have a significant other , mother , sister , wife , all three ;) that deserves some spa time , I am happy to pamper her with all natural organic made facial masks and body wraps , all specified what she/they are after .
And of course I can split the two , some cash and spa time for her/them . And of course if you have other suggestions I can cater to in exchange , I am open to suggestions within reason of course !!
Thanks and if you are capable and interested please message me privately .